What we do

Foster partnerships between K-12 educators and IU faculty

The Office of School Partnerships connects IU faculty, staff, and college students with K-12 educators across the state to meet specific community needs that support and advance K-12 education in Indiana. 

Working with Indiana's diverse rural, suburban, and urban communities requires special attention to local history, culture, and sensibilities. Our office ensures that IU faculty and local communities connect to co-create improvements to education that meet the urgent and emerging needs of each community, and can be shared throughout the educational ecosystem. 

Partner Support

Work directly with PK-12 partners to develop and deliver programs, resources, on-campus opportunities, and connection Hoosier educators with faculty & staff who can best respond to their needs. Connect with us to develop pathways for students to transition to college and college-going and college-readiness programs.


Partner with IU

Internal Collaborations

Creating connections, sharing best practices and resources, and fostering collaborations amongst IU faculty and staff who support PK-12 education. We support strategic working groups at IU, assist with program proposals, and help to integrate DEI and community-centered models and practices into IU's PK-12 partnerships.


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Data and Reporting

Collect and report on PK-12 engagement data across the IU campuses. We ensure relevant and timely data is used to inform IU 2030 Strategic Plan metrics and track how IU's partnerships with PK-12 education align with state-level priorities and initiatives. 


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Create networks to leverage talents

We direct people to opportunities, resources, and talents that exist within the community and across the IU campuses. Connect with us or your local IU campus School of Education to build a partnership.